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Hopewell is home to several large chemical plants owned by WestRock, one of the largest chemical companies in the United States, and which are in partnership with DuPont, the parent company of Dow Chemical Company. This facility has also built a plant in part of an old DuPont site, as well as a new chemical plant on the site of a former Du Pont site.

After DuPont left the city after World War I, moved its manufacturing operations elsewhere and specialized in other products, Hopewell became a ghost town until 1923, when the Tubize Corporation established a plant on the old Du Pont site. The outlook for the city looked bleak in the late 1920s and early 1930s, until in 1924, the Tubizing Artificial Silk Corporation opened a factory in an old DuPont plant, followed by the construction of a new chemical plant at the same site in 1925 and a second in 1926. Tubized's plant was later acquired by Firestone Tire and Rubber Company and was a major employer in HopEwell for decades.

Firestone left the city for good in 1999, but industry remained in Hopewell and downtown withered. After all, many long-time pioneers of the city's industrial past, including the old DuPont and Tubize factories, as well as a number of other companies, seized on it and moved elsewhere.

Others migrated to other parts of the country to work in industries like Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia. As in most Southern cities, African-Americans and Americans were subjected to Jim Crow segregation during the Civil War.

Hopewell was viewed negatively by the national media when it was revealed that Evelyn Rust Wells, an elderly woman, was held captive and terrorised in her home. A local grocer noticed neighborhood kids helping Wells and called police.

The city of Hopewell annexed the neighboring city of City Point, allowing it to expand and prosper. The city also invested $12 million in building a new town hall, public library, and other infrastructure. Citizens separated the county south of this river, including City Point, from Prince George's County, and founded it in 1703.

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